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Scion Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Auto Glass Express is a top provider for replacements and repairs on all Scion brand vehicles, windshields and side/rear windows. We have a partnership with a range of original auto glass manufacturers which allows us to have inventory for all manufactured vehicles such as the Scion brand. Our certified technicians are ready to service your Scion vehicle for repair or replacement of windows, as we are the #1 source for a quick, affordable side/rear window or windshield replacement. No worries about insurance hassles, Auto Glass Express insurance specialists handle all claims and forms for you, giving you a 0 deductible with the possibility of qualifying for a cashback bonus of up to $300. Stop by any of our convenient locations throughout Arizona for your free quote or utilize our simple quoting tool, just find your vehicle, submit request and we will give you a call back as soon as possible to answer any questions and schedule an appointment.

The brand name Scion means descendant of a family or heir, refers to line of cars as well as in a family. The Scion brand vehicle was first launched in the United States, under the Toyota manufacturing, only meant for a short time launch and geared towards the younger customers. Scion has been discontinued and Toyota shut the brand down in 2016, however, there are a few brands still driving around in Arizona.

man wiping car with rag

The Most Recently Serviced Brand of Scion Has Been

  • Scion XB: compact car, manufactured by Toyota specifically for the U.S. Box-shaped, 5 dr with hatchback
  • Scion TC: Sport compact coupe/efficient fuel mileage for travel

Auto Glass Express is one of the largest providers of new windshields for a variety of brand vehicles, such as the Scion for replacements and repairs in Arizona, making us a one-stop source for auto glass whether foreign or U.S. manufactured…..classic or new….discontinued or modern, we are here to serve you.
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