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Side windows can malfunction without any previous warning or signs. Sometimes they stop operating altogether or they slow down to a crawl. These issues can be quite common but they are quite easy to fix.

Our experts at Auto Glass Express see many customers with this issue so we’d like to share with you our thought on what are the most common reasons why your side windows aren’t working properly or at all.

Glass Misalignment

In every door of your car, there is a window track that houses and guides the glass during the upward and downward movement. Sometimes, the glass can’t function properly because it is misaligned within the track.

If the misalignment is partial, the side window can’t open and close fully. In case of full misalignment, the glass can’t function at all.

These misalignments can happen for many reasons, but the most common one is that the car doors were slammed too hard and the impact force was great enough to ‘knock’ the glass out of its track.

Another possible reason why the side window won’t close properly is that there’s something wrong with the window motor, and it’s not pushing/pulling the glass all the way up/down.

Now there’s no sure way to know which one is the culprit so in order to know for sure, you need to have the side door inspected by a professional. Contact our auto glass experts today and schedule an appointment.

Ice and Snow Accumulation

Car owners that park their cars outside during winter, should be prepared to deal with frozen windows. During the night, when it snows and it’s cold, a substantial amount of ice and snow can accumulate around the side windows which can shut them.

When this happens, many car owners try to open it forcefully but we highly recommend that you don’t do this. Forcefully opening the side windows can cause serious damage to the motor and it can stop working altogether. Instead, start your car, turn on the heating to moderate, and allow some time for the snow/ice to melt. This should fix the problem.


stering wheel with window open

Damaged Weather Stripping

Every car’s side window has weather stripping which prevents air, moisture, dirt, and debris to get into your car. However, time and harsh weather can damage the weather stripping and your side windows won’t be able to close properly.

If your windows can’t close properly due to damaged weather stripping, moisture can get inside your car and if it’s cold outside, it can freeze and further damage the side window mechanism.

Signs of weather stripping deterioration are pretty easy to spot. The stripping will look dry, brittle and there will be seal deterioration. If you notice any of these, contact an auto glass repair shop to have it inspected and replaced.

Side windows can stop working (properly or altogether) for various reasons. Avoid doing any repairs yourself and contact Auto Glass Express today and have it inspected and repaired.