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The person wiping car window at Peoria, AZ

From a safety point of view, it’s important to keep your auto glass (windows and windshield) clean. They often get dirty, with streaks and smears on them and this can seriously compromise your vision of the open road or when you’re reversing out of a parking spot. We’ve collected some useful cleaning tips to help you keep your auto glass in tip top shape.

Clean the Outside First

When cleaning your auto glass, it’s important to first start from outside, because, let’s face it, that’s is the dirtiest side of it. In case your auto glass is covered in dirt or mud first wash it with clean water and use a soft brush. If you’re not tall enough, you can buy a brush with a telescopic handle. They are quite cheap and can help you reach those high places on your windshield. Start by lifting the wiper blades gently.

Clean the Wiper Blades Too

This is a great opportunity to inspect them as well, because if you clean your windshield, and your wipers are dirty too, your work will be for nothing. In case your wiper blades are dirty too, you can clean them with alcohol, baking soda and water if they are really dirty. But usually rubbing them thoroughly with a wet cloth will suffice.

When it comes to wiper blades, keep in mind that they need to be replaced every two or three years, of course depending on how often you use them and your maintenance.

Polish the Auto Glass

Once you remove the dirt, insect stains, and bird deposits from your auto glass, you should dry the glass with a clean towel, and make sure it’s the lint-free kind. The next step is to use a glass cleaning solution and a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Get the glass nice and shiny. We recommend using glass cleaning solutions specially designed for auto glass because they don’t leave stains, smears, or streaks when you wipe your windshield dry. Furthermore, these products also have anti-fog and rain-repellent properties. Ammonia can also be used as an effective polishing solution but since it can damage vinyl, leather, and rubber, we recommend that you not use it. But, if you have white vinegar at home, feel free to use that, with a lint-free cloth. Also, when polishing your auto glass, make sure that you use small circular motions.

Cleaning the Inside

Cleaning the outside of your auto glass is one thing, but you also need to keep the inside clean too. Yes, it might not be as dirty as the outside, but remember those times when you sneeze inside your car, your kids press their face against the auto glass, or when your drive your dog to and from the vet? Well, all those leave stains on the inner side of your windshield and windows that you need to clean. Dust also sticks to the windshield and windows.

When cleaning the inside of your windshield, we highly recommend that you do it from the passenger’s side. Why? Well, you have more room to move your arms, you can get even closer to the windshield to reach those pesky corners, and most of all…the steering wheel won’t be in your way. In case you still can’t reach everything, buy a pivoting head sponge attached to a long handle. This should make things easier.

Some even use cleaning sprays to clean the inside of their auto glass. That’s good too, but keep in mind no to spray it on the car’s interior. It can cause damage and make the surface a bit slippery.

Have Enough Wiper Fluid

Make sure that you regularly check the level of your wiper fluid and that it’s topped up. You can get into a situation where you will really need it (you might be on the open road with nowhere to stop and wash your auto glass) and you won’t have any.

It’s also smart to keep a pack of non-smearing wipes in your glove box and other cleaning agents/solutions in your car. They can come really handy!