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We all know that damages to various auto components generate insurance claims. However, did you know that from many components, auto glass damage is one of the most frequent reasons for an insurance claim?

Because of this, we strongly recommend that you choose an insurance policy that also covers auto glass repair or replacement. But that doesn’t mean that you should always file an insurance claim when your auto glass needs replacement or repairs.

How Do Auto Glass Claims Impact Your Insurance?

Insurance claims usually cause your insurance provider to raise your insurance rate. Of course, one insurance claim won’t cause a rate increase, but frequent insurance claims could cause your monthly insurance rate to spike.

For example, if the auto glass damage is your fault and you file a claim, that will most likely lead to increasing of your insurance rate. This is because the insurance company sees you as a greater risk for its business. Let’s face it, insurance companies need to take care and protect their business and with your irresponsible behavior, you jeopardize the business so they need to protect themselves.

Consult With Your Insurance Agent

One of the easiest ways to determine will an insurance claim have a negative impact on your insurance bill, is to speak with your insurance agent. So before signing the contract, ask him or her directly. You can ask for information on how are auto glass claims handled, how auto glass claims will affect your policy both now and in the long run.  This way you will get the information you need and there will be no surprises when you renew your insurance contract.

When Is It Smart to File Insurance Claims for Auto Glass Damage?

The decision whether or not you will file an insurance claim for your auto glass damage is yours. However, there are times when filing a claim is a smart move and there are times when it isn’t so you have to pay out of your own pocket. In case the cost of the repair is low and you won’t be able to meet your deductible, we highly recommend that you don’t file a claim. The insurance provided simply won’t payout. But, there are situations when it’s wise to file an insurance claim:

Minor damages e.g. small chips or cracks – If the auto glass damage is smaller than a one-dollar bill, some insurance providers might waiver your deductible if you are opt-in for a repair instead of a replacement. But to be absolutely sure, make sure you speak to your insurance agent.

Someone else’s fault – If you were in an accident that cause the auto glass damage and the other driver is at fault, then his / her insurance should cover the repairs or replacement of your damaged auto glass. So in this situation, you won’t even have to file a claim with your insurance provider but you will need to collect the insurance information from the other driver.

Accident forgiveness – Some insurance providers offer accident forgiveness as an option. If you opt-in for that as part of your insurance policy, it’s highly likely that your insurance rate won’t increase even if you were at fault for the auto glass damage. It’s best to consult with your insurance agent before you sign the insurance policy.

If you have a cracked or chipped windshield or auto glass and you’re looking to file an insurance claim, stop by at Auto Glass Express and let us help you navigate the process.