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Man fitting windsheild

You might be faced with a problem one day, that your side windows won’t close all the way (or at all). This can be truly annoying.

Even though there can be various reasons why your side windows aren’t working properly, there are usually just a few most common culprits. You can use these tips below to identify the possible problem before you schedule an appointment at the auto glass repair shop to have it fixed.

Damaged Weather Strip

The weatherstripping around your side windows should prevent water, dust, and debris from entering your car. When it’s intact, in good shape, the windows will close all the way, forming a tight seal that keeps water and dirt out.

But, if the stripping is damaged or deteriorated over time, it won’t do its job the way it’s supposed to and it also might prevent your windows from closing all the way, allowing water and dirt into your car.

Water that leaks in, could potentially damage your window apparatus and it can stop working completely. In order to avoid this, you should check your window stripping and if it’s damaged, have it replaced as soon as possible.

The Glass Slid Off

All car windows that open vertically, are placed in a track on which they move up and down. But, if the auto glass slides off the designated track, it can no longer follow the predetermined up and down the path when you want to close the window.

Side windows slide off track usually when the cable inside the door is faulty. And since this cable can be found inside the door, accessing it is not easy. The entire door panel needs to be removed so you can access the cable and repair the problem.

We highly recommend that you don’t attempt this on your own. Door panels should be removed by a professional, so make sure that you pay a visit to an auto glass repair shop and let them fix the problem.

Faulty Window Motor or Manual Crank

Sometimes a faulty motor can be the reason why your windows won’t close all the way or at all. In case you have a hand-cranked window, the gears in the mechanism might be the source of the problem.

Both of these mechanisms, the electrical and mechanical, can be found inside your door so you will need a professional technician to remove the door panel and install new parts.

Fuse Damage

Depending on how many side windows in your car are (or are not) working, you can start looking for the culprit. For example, if only ONE window won’t close properly, then the problem is most likely with that door. But if all your windows aren’t working, the problem can be with a fuse or relay that is responsible for operating the windows. If you suspect that you might have a faulty fuse or relay, take your car to a professional to have this issue inspected. They will know what fuses/relays or computer modules to look for and how to inspect them.