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People install new auto glass all the time, for various reasons. Some of them have a cracked or chipped windshield, some have shattered auto glass during an accident and someone has their auto glass broken when someone wanted to break in into their car.

No matter what are your reasons, when you want to install new auto glass, you will need to rely on an auto glass installation company.

Auto Glass Replacement

Some auto glass companies can do your auto glass repairs or replacements at their garage or center. But some might even offer mobile auto glass replacements when they come by at your home and replace the auto glass right on the spots.

This mobile auto glass replacement is actually a really good option if your schedule is really busy and you don’t have time to stop by at the auto glass shop and have your auto glass replaced.

Auto Glass Types Used

Just like there are different types of auto glass companies, there are different types of auto glass that can be used. Some auto glass replacement companies will use OEM glass, which is made by your car’s manufacturer and some might use aftermarket glass.

It’s not a bad idea to opt-in for an OEM auto glass, and here’s why. When you replace your existing auto glass with an OEM one, the auto glass is manufactured by your car’s manufacturer and specifically for that make and model. So it will fit perfectly. Furthermore, when you pick an OEM auto glass, this will greatly help you when it’s time to resell your car because all the parts on it come from the same place – your car’s manufacturer.

So before you pick an auto glass replacement company, you should always ask whether they are suing OEM auto glass or aftermarket auto glass.


Some auto insurance policies will cover auto glass repairs or replacements. When you want to replace or repair your damaged auto glass, make sure that you look for an auto glass shop that accepts insurance. And furthermore, make sure that they accept the type of insurance (for the insurance company) that you have, because not all auto glass shops accept every type of auto insurance. That’s important.

There are auto glass shops that will, aside from accepting insurance, will also offer incentives, like waiving your deductibles. So aside from asking about what type of auto insurance they accept, make sure that you inquire on what type of specials they offer.

IF you have a broken or damaged auto glass, make sure that you repair or replace it as soon as possible, for your own and for your passenger’s safety. If you need an estimate and a professional auto glass repair or replacement, contact Auto Glass Express today.