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broken car light fix

Our side windows can shatter at any time, and while we wait to go to an auto glass repair shop to have them replaced, we need to create a safe barrier between the car’s interior and the elements.

So we would like to share a few tips on how to do this and why is it important, until you get it properly fixed. In case your side windows shatter, don’t wait for the repairs. Contact Auto Glass Express and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Clean the Glass Shards

After your side window shatters, the first thing you need to do is clean all the glass shards. This is not only for you but for your passenger’s safety. Be aware that glass shards are extremely sharp and you can get injured if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Glass shards could cause damage to your dashboard, tear the fabric on your seats and compromise other features of your car. So make sure that you remove them.

In addition to the shards inside your car, make sure that you also clean the frame. Some glass shards can fall out and you (or someone else) can cut your tires while parking.

Before you clean the glass, make sure that you have protective gloves so you don’t cut yourself. But also make sure that the gloves allow you some flexibility because not all shards are big but they can still be sharp.

Once you picked up all the shards, use your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the really small pieces. Make sure that you particularly pay attention you vacuum the seats and around the windows.

Cleaning the Window Frame

Once you’ve picked up and vacuumed all the shards, you need to make sure that the window frame is clean. Wipe it down as best as you can and make sure that you also wipe the seal area. You don’t need to use any special cleaning supplies. A wet cloth will do because the goal is just to remove the dirt and dust.

Applying a Temporary Window

Once the window frame is clean and dry, you can use clear packaging tape or a sheet of plastic to seal off the window. If you go for the packaging tape, make sure that you go one strip at a time (one strip should overlap the previous one). And if you opt-in for a sheet of plastic, apply it and secure the edges with clear packing tape.

Furthermore, when taping, make sure that you do it from inside your car so that you don’t peel off the car paint when you attempt to remove the tape.

This should provide adequate protection against moisture, better than the alternatives such as cardboard or bags.

Permanent Solution

It’s important that you keep this temporary solution well…temporary. Even before you apply the packing tape or sheet of plastic, contact Auto Glass Express, tell us about your problem and schedule an appointment. The temporary solution should hold for a few days until you get a chance to drive down to our shop and have the new side window installed.