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cracked car windsheild

Car owners from Phoenix, AZ know that they can count on Auto Glass express to have their windshield replaced or repaired, no matter if it’s just a small chip or a full bulls-eye crack.

Car owners’ and passengers’ safety is the top priority. And even though we cannot prevent windshield damage from occurring, we can do our best to minimize it or avoid it. If you’re keen on learning more about how to avoid windshield damage, keep on reading.

Safe Distance Can Protect Your Windshield

All car owners are annoyed when someone is tailgating them. So you shouldn’t do it to someone else, because they don’t like it either. Following too closely the car in front of you is unsafe. But also it puts your windshield at risk to damage. Imagine, cruising down the motorway and you’re tailgating a car in front of you. The car in front can kick up some rocks or pebbles straight to your windshield and damage your windshield. That’s why it’s always useful to follow the two-second rule at least. You can of course leave a much greater distance between yourself and the car in front of you. This is a good practice not only to avoid windshield damage but also to avoid a collision.

Speed Limits Around Construction Sites

Have you noticed how the speed limit is much lower around construction sites? Well, this is no surprise. The aim of the speed limit is to protect the construction workers as well as motorists. Around construction zones, you can find various sharp objects and tools like stones, nails, bolts, etc. These objects or tools can do some pretty serious damage to your windshield and even crack it. So if your daily commute takes you through a construction zone, you might want to slow down. This way you will protect the property, people, and of course your windshield.

Trucks and Trains

It’s not uncommon that trains and trucks are surrounded by smaller (or mid-sized) rocks or pebbles. At high speed of trains or trucks, these rocks can easily become airborne. So if you see railway tracks, make sure that you stop your vehicle at the safe distance or that you don’t drive too close to the tracks.

On motorways, you can come across tractor-trailers, dump trucks, etc. Occasionally, these trucks and trailers carry gravel. When spotting them, make sure that you keep a safe distance. Trucks that have multiple tires and mud flaps that are too short or damaged by use, can kick up rocks or debris from the road which can then hit your windshield. Oh and let’s not forget trucks that carry loads which is not properly secured. These are a serious threat to ALL surrounding vehicles. In situations like these, you can either slow down or switch lanes and pass that truck or trailer.

Repairing Windshield Damage

Even with all the caution in the world, you can’t 100% avoid windshield damage. That’s just not possible. Windshield cracks or chips will happen.

When you suffer a small windshield chip, don’t dismiss it. A small crack can easily spread (thanks to weather, debris, dust, etc.) and become an even bigger crack. If you notice a chip early, make sure you repair it right away. You will have a stable and structurally strong windshield and you will avoid having to replace the whole windshield.

Drivers that drive with damaged windshields not only put themselves at risk but also their passengers and other drivers. Damaged windshields can seriously compromise your visibility and thus cause an accident. So if you notice even a small chip on your windshield, call Auto Glass Express and have it fixed.