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windshield replacement

None of us are elated when something breaks in our car. This usually means a call to the insurance company, money, and time we often don’t have. Thankfully, when it comes to certain aspects of our vehicles, there are steps and precautions we can take to ensure we won’t replace or repair them any time soon. One of these is the windshield. Follow these driving tips to avoid windshield replacement this fall.

Stay Back

All of us learned the 3-second rule when studying to get our driver’s license. However, many people tend to ignore this rule, especially when they’re in a hurry, riding someone’s tail. However, driving this closely behind someone is cause for windshield damage from flying debris, rear-ending, etc. So, be sure to utilize that 3-second rule, it will save you some work if you do.

Avoid Gravel

Sometimes, avoiding gravel roads or rough roads isn’t so easy, especially if you live outside town. However, if it’s possible, avoid gravel roads or roads with loose material. Gravel and other loose materials are easily kicked up and even the smallest rock can do a ton of damage to the windshield of a vehicle.

Get Rid of the Lead Foot

It’s pretty common for people who are comfortable behind the wheel of a vehicle to speed. However, higher speeds mean more debris can be kicked up more easily. Stick to the speed limit and especially take it slow if you’re driving on gravel roads or rough terrain. Speeding also is the cause of many accidents.

Get Out of Rough Storms

With fall can come some crazy storms in many areas of the US. This can often be a time for tornadoes which can produce hail. It’s all too common for people to continue driving in these types of storms or to just pull over, but still be out in the open. If you are caught in a heavy storm, especially with a lot of wind or hail, try to find a spot with coverage for your vehicle and pull over to wait it out. Wind can cause debris to be thrown at your car and hail does a ton of damage all on its own.

Be Aware of Temperature Changes

The fall time can be a little confusing for some areas of the US where temperatures are concerned. During the day, it can be as hot as summer, but get as cold as winter at night. The extreme temperature change can cause a windshield to crack. If you’re driving through various states for the holidays, be aware of temperature changes that can occur.

Overall, using some of the basics of safe driving will ensure your vehicle’s windshield stays in tip-top shape. If you remain safe, your car will reap the benefits and also be safe.