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Repairing Chips or Cracks in Tinted Auto Glass

Getting tinted windows or having them, in general, is pretty common. Some cars come with already tinted windows while some people pay to have their windows tinted on purpose. Tinted windows have many benefits however, they come with a few differences in comparison to your average window. One of these slight differences is noticed when it comes to getting chips or cracks fixed on your window.

Getting Chips and Cracks Repaired on a Car Window

Out on the roadways, rocks and debris can be thrown around easily causing chips and cracks to occur in the windows of cars. When this happens, it can actually be pretty simple to repair the chips and cracks without having to get the entire window replaced. Getting the repair is much quicker and much cheaper. When a regular window is fixed, the area will be thoroughly cleaned, the chip or crack is filled with a resin material, then it will be left to dry for a few hours. It’s important to note that the resin material isn’t as strong as the original glass in the window. However, it’s not much weaker than glass but looks the same and allows for a much cheaper fix than changing out the entire window for just one small crack or chip.

When it comes to tinted windows, getting to the chip or crack is a touch more difficult because the tinting can be in the way. However, the entire window tint will not have to be replaced. It will be a touch pricier if you have tinted windows because of the added time and steps to repair the window, but it shouldn’t be too much more.  The technician will simply remove the small piece of tinting around the chip or crack and then follow the steps like they normally would. However, once the resin material is dried, they’ll have to replace the tinting and this is a precise step because there can’t be any overlap with the tinting still on the window. If there is, it will be noticeable and not aesthetically pleasing. This is why it’s important that you use a technician that is experienced in tinting because you’ll want a flawless repair on your window. If the technician isn’t experienced, it can be easy to mess up the re-tinting process. It’s also not advised that this repair be done in a DIY manner. Unless, of course, you have all the right tools and tinting experience then, DIY away!

Having tinted windows is a great idea for many beneficial reasons. Although having tinted windows doesn’t add too much in the way of repairs, there are certain aspects you’ll want to pay attention to. As mentioned, the biggest factor is ensuring the person or company fixing your tinted window is experienced in the way of tinting. This will make all the difference when it comes to fixing chips and cracks in tinted auto glass.