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The outside view from Car window while driving at Peoria, AZ

Do your window make that squeaky noise when you pull it up?

Is your car window glass sticky?

There is a quick solution to this problem, and it’s a quick and cheap solution.

All you need is a rag or paper towels and the right lubricant.

Best Lubricant for Squeaky, Slow Car Windows

Using a right product for this job is essential. To fix the problem with the squeaky window, we recommend using a spray silicone grease. The cost of a single can should be around $5 at your local hardware or automotive store. One can cover 2 to 3 windows.

Using oily or petroleum-based lubricant can capture dust and dirt and will collect grime over time, so avoid using it. The result will be noisier and slower window. Over the time this type of lubricants dry out and can cause further damage to the car glass.

Dry moly lubricants, bond very fast with the metal surfaces to create a dirt-repelling shield that lubricates and defends the surface from friction and pressure. Spray silicone grease is one type of dry lubricants.

This type of lubricant is safe to use on automotive component found inside the doors and any other material.

Five Steps to Fix a Squeaky or Slow Car Window

  1. Start spraying the moly lubricant on the fully open car windows.  Do it on both sides of the window frame. You can start with the left side of the window. Spray into the rubber seal from the top of the window frame and work your way down. Some of the excesses will slide down, but that’s ok.
  2. Repeat the process on the right side of the same window. Your lubricant should be well distributed all down the vertical frame of the window, reaching down to the bottom corner of the seal. Use the rug to spread the lubricant around door frame or body of the car and of course around the window seal.
  3. Wait for five to ten minutes then roll up the windows. Repeat the process and make your glass go up and down a few times to ensure the silicone grease gets down into the track. Repeat the process until the squeaky sound stops.
  4. If the squeaky sound isn’t completely gone yet, add more silicone lubricant into the seal of the window with the glass all the way up, and this will help transfer the oil down into the components inside the door of the car.
  5. Repeat the first and the fourth step until you lose squeaky sound.  Keep a rag to clean up any leftovers on the outside of the window seal, door frame or body part of the car. During the cleaning, try to avoid getting silicone grease into the bottom horizontal portion of the window frame, because this will cause the glass to be steaky and could make cleanup more difficult.

If you have any question about the products you should use, call us today!