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Heavy crack on windshield in Las Vegas, NV

One of the most common and practical features of your vehicle- The windshield. It’s essential to protect your weaker spots of the car from chips and to crack whenever possible. When you picture a car accident, you probably imagine the worst. Luckily, knowing the most causes of broken windshields will help you lower the risk of damage. There are many ways that you can damage your windshield, and some of them may surprise you!

Extreme Weather Conditions

There’s no secret that certain weather conditions can be hazardous, but there are certain conditions that present more risk for your windshield. Gusty winds associated with tornados and hurricanes can stir-up debris that can damage your car and auto-glass. During storm conditions, there is a possibility of trees crashing into your windshield. If the weather has worsened in your neighborhood, it’s better to keep your vehicle in a safe place. Radical differences in temperature can cause your windshield to crack, but we don’t have that type of problem in Arizona! Nevertheless, you should pay attention if you are driving to other states cause your windshield shouldn’t experience the sudden change of temperature. Similar situations can lead to expensive damage.

Road Hazards & Accidents

If they hit your car with enough force, rock and gravel can crack your windshield. Debris can always find its way onto the road. In addition to road hazards, accidents are one of the most obvious sources of the windscreen

Damage and destruction. The extreme force of an impact in the accident can cause fractures or brakes in the glass, or make those that are already there, much more significant. Occasionally, you may not spot a crack until it spreads a little farther. If you had a car accident, check your windshield for any chips and cracks, that might impact the auto-glass.

Bad Installation

If your windshield(or any other part of auto-glass) is not installed correctly in the first place, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your auto-glass broken. If the air whistles inside of your car or you get wet in the carwash, or it seems to be loose, you should get it looked as soon as you can. The right combination of pressure, heat, and force can damage your windshield when you are driving down the road. If the windshield is not already broken, you can fix it and save money instead of having to purchase an entirely new windshield.

Low Quality of Glass

There are cases of family driving down the freeway and all of a sudden, their windshield completely shatter.

It can happen at the most discommoding moments- early morning on your way to the airport. The cause is low-quality glass that had weak spots and fissures in the glass itself, leading to the glass not being strong enough.

These defects can be avoided by using a high-quality replacement glass windshield.

Give us a call [company id=1], and we’ll gather info about your vehicle, model, type of auto-glass so you can be on the road in no time.