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Sunshades Work for car glass in Las Vegas, NV

Arizona is a place to be. But not during the summer. With the heat upon us, the interior of your car is going to boil up. Nothing’s more intimidating than sitting in a hot seat burning your hands on the hot surface. A regular phenomenon every summer, and you are trying to find a quick solution.

Do Sunshades Work?

During this experiment, we found different manufacturers and different opinions all over. Also, we used the test cars.  Two vehicles, one with the sunshades and the other without the sunshades.

The tests are mostly related to surface temperature and an air temperature of the interior.

Test cars commonly have 67 F difference on the dashboard, between the vehicle with the Sun Shades and the car without Sunshades. The period of the test was one hour. The sun Shades work and keep your vehicle cooler. Now, there was a surface difference also. The control car had 180 F, and it was untouchable. The test car had 118 F surface temperature of the wheel and was still tolerable. Keeping a surfaces nice and cold is one of the main reason why you should buy Sun Shades. It didn’t get the air that much cooler thou.

Here are the main differences between test and control cars:

                   Control Test Change

Air Temp        130° F 129° F    -1

Dashboard     194° F 126° F    -68


Wheel           180° F 119° F   -61

Shift Lever     147° F 111° F    -36


Brake             120° F 107° F  -13

Seat               134° F 120° F -14

So the air in the vehicle ain’t going to be much better than before. Still, you will have plenty of space to turn on the air- condition. If you are in a hurry, it’s a way better to pull the Sun Shades off and start driving instead then waiting for your wheel to cool off. Especially in Arizona, where temperatures can be very unpleasant.

We would also recommend the Sun Shades for truck drivers and Vans. It will save you a lot of time.

Like we suggested, don’t expect for air to get much colder. The important thing is that the dashboard will be way cooler and the steering wheel also.

Parking Brake is 120° Fin the Control car, and it can affect the driving and the brake disks.

There is a health issue as well. During the extreme cold or heat, you should always try to find the balance in the temperature. People with the heart desires can be affected by this kind of weather. Also for them, it can get dangerous for getting the air condition on, after the air temperature of 130° F. There are benefits of using the Sun Shades.  There are all kinds of Sun Shades, internal and external with the different manufacturers. There are also car Umbrellas and rechargeable Sun Shades on the market.

Always try to find a shady spot for your vehicle during the extreme heat and don’t forget to bring some water with you!