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Man breaking into car in Las Vegas, NV

You have probably parked your car near the airport, shopping mall, or other public venues, and have thoughts like- is my car going to be there when I’m back, or will someone going to still my stuff in the car. Most people would agree that having your vehicle broken into is an experience you wish to avoid.

Unfortunately, summer is the most common time for vehicle theft and break-ins but is indeed not limited to any specific season. Break-ins can happen to anyone, but with a little defensive strategy and fortitude, you can prevent it from happening to you.

Remember, always protect your possessions with few helpful tips:

Lock Your Doors

Locking your doors and hiding your belongings is one of the first things in preventing someone from entering your vehicle. The term “Break-in” can be misplaced cause sometimes you need a simple pull off to the handle. Unlocking cars for the most parts aren’t that hard. With nothing visible and the doors locked, chances that someone will break into your car are minimal.

Hide Your Belongings

When someone is trying to still something, it’s called the crime of opportunity. If items are not easily reachable, or visible through the windows, there is less chance that break-in will occur.

Try to place your belongings into the glove box, under the seat or take them with you. It will help to stay off the radar for the burglary.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Vehicle

Don’t leave stuff like cash, electronics, computers in your vehicle. Place your belongings out of sight. It’s never a good idea to have these items in your cars even if they are out of sight.

Park in a Conspicuous Area

When leaving your car, try to park it near security cameras, entrances, or secured garages. This way the anonymity of the thief will be compromised, and he/ she is risking to leave a witness.

Car Alarms

Car alarms are more than helpful. We recommend for you to have a blinking light also, on your dashboard or somewhere visible. It can upset the thieves cause it can look like an alarm. There are many new models of the car, where you have a “Blink” button on your keys.

Keep Your Trank Empty and the Cargo Cover Open

If you’re driving the hatchback or station wagon, this is excellent advice. Keep your cargo cover open, not closed. One of the most commonly broken windows is the little quarter glasses on hatchbacks. Thieves usually broke little windows, pull out the rare seat, to find out what’s in the trunk, then brake another window so they can quickly reach for those items.

The best way is to leave your cargo cover open and empty and leave the cover open. Don’t use your vehicle as the storage.  You can’t know for sure if you are the target of some thief, but you can minimize your chances.

Call us today for more information about security devices that can help you!