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washing car

The team from Auto-Glass Express has made a DIY guide that can come in handy. Here are the tips and methods that can help you remove five most challenging things from vehicle windows and windshields.


Gum is a problem, not just when it comes to the car but for any surface. The trick for removing the gum from your glass it to use ice to harden the gum. Once you’ve tried to pull off as much as possible, put a few ice cube into the plastic bag and place it on the spot. Hold it there for a few minutes. Peel the remainings of the glass. If the gum is still there, spray it with the bug remover product and rub it with a clean cotton rag. You can use water and a sponge after.


Most stickers and decals can be scrapped easily after you apply some soapy water and a solution softener. Razor blades may scratch the windshield, so it’s safer to use plastic scrapers.  Any sticker isn’t meant to last forever so you must find the way to take it off without scratching your glass or car body. Try to heat up the area first with a heat gun or hairdryer. With the heat, decals should begin to detach. Use a plastic blade to scrape the sticker off the glass. You can use any Adhesive remover (3M, Weiman Goo Gone) that can help you rid off of any remaining. You can apply water and a rug once you have cleared the spot.

Windows Tint

Once again, you need to use a hairdryer or a heat gun. Put it on the high setting and hold it about two inches from the glass. Go thru edges carefully with a plastic scraper. Try to work in sections with heating and peeling. First, try to heat the tint film. Use a clean rag or WD-40 to rub off any material sticking to the glass. The last part is to get a glass cleaner and a paper towel. Voila!

Spray Paint

Spray paint isn’t permanent on the windshield so don’t despair. Grab your plastic blade a and start scraping. Use long strokes in one direction, not back and forth. To remove any remainings paint use acetone nail polish. Use a microfiber cloth and rub it onto the painted area. Wash the windshield with water thoroughly.


The downside of summer is a bug invasion where ever you go. We understand how people get frustrated when you find a bug splatter on the windshield. Bug sprays suck as Turtle Wax, or Best bug-off can help you. But there is a little hack. You can use a WD-40.  One of the good DIY alternatives. Spray the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a regular kitchen sponge, and scrub the glass with the scratchy side.

Finally, wipe the area with the windshield product and use the microfiber cloth.

If you don’t have a solution to a problem, you can call us today!