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The blurred car windshield while driving

There is nothing worse than trying to drive with a dirty windshield. It’s nice to be able to get out at a gas station and just clean it off real quick. However, the inside of the windshield takes a little bit more effort than that. This usually means having to try and turn yourself inside out and upside down just to reach the entire surface area of the portion of the windshield inside your car. If you don’t, smudges such as fingerprints or smears can accumulate, obstructing your view when driving. Although these aren’t usually a dangerous obstruction of your view, they can still be annoying. Here are a few ways you can get rid of those pesky smudges, even those tough-to-remove ones.

Use an Extender

Basic Windex or window cleaner will usually do the trick. At most auto stores or even stores like Walmart, they carry window scrubbers that extend with a special tilt. This is specifically meant for your indoor windshield washing needs. They’re not expensive and they’re not difficult to use either. They even work great for difficult windows in your house if needed.

Magic Eraser

If you’ve never heard of a magic eraser, they’re sold in the cleaning aisle of most stores. They’re a thick white sponge that’s made out of special material. They’re relatively inexpensive and work great on those tough-to-remove smudges that don’t seem to want to budge with traditional and basic cleaning methods. All you have to do is get the sponge wet and wipe down your windshield. It doesn’t even take any extra effort as far as scrubbing goes.

Use a Microfiber Towel

Some of the basic cleaning methods will still leave smudges and smears when utilized on interior windshields. If this occurs, try using a microfiber towel and spraying the towel with the cleaner instead of directly onto the window. A microfiber towel will hold water better without allowing it to drip all over the place, unlike conventional rags which will soak up a ton of water then make a sopping wet mess everywhere.

Clean Away From Direct Sunlight

Even if you’re cleaning the interior windshield, smudges may appear and the sunlight can be a culprit of this. Often times the direct sunlight will cause the cleaner and water to dry too quickly which leaves smudges and smears. If you clean your windshield away from direct sunlight, this shouldn’t be an issue.

When cleaning the interior windshield, be sure to protect the rest of the vehicle as well. Some cleaners or even just water can damage or stain your dash or other components of the vehicle. Be aware of this and take precautions to protect the rest of the vehicle’s interior.