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rock chips

Rock chips or small damages can occur to windshields often. Other cars driving on the road with you can flip up rocks or debris, even your own car can do this, causing the damage. A bird could hit the windshield, someone can throw trash out of their car, a dump truck could be leaking its contents. No matter what the cause, rock chips happen and are pretty common. However, do you know what to do when these chips occur? Keep reading to find out!

Now or Later?

When it comes to rock chips, it’s always a great idea to get them repaired immediately. A lot of people may balk at this and say it’s no big deal. Others will say they’ve driven with one for years and nothing ever came of it. If this is true, that’s awesome, and they’re lucky. However, more commonly, rock chips can spread and crack over time, sometimes quickly. Before you know it, a small chip can be a three-inch crack across your windshield. Once cracks go beyond the size of a dollar bill, they can no longer be fixed with a simple repair. Not to mention, if too much dirt and debris get embedded in the damage, it will make it difficult for the repair to be fully effective. At this point, the entire windshield will need to be replaced which can make the cost and time involved in fixing it, jump way up. This is why it’s so important that a chip is fixed as soon as possible after it occurs.

What if My Hands Are Tied?

Yes, life can happen and it can be difficult to either afford or fit in fixing the rock chip. If this is the case, there are some steps you can take to help slow the spread of the chip while waiting to get it fixed. The first and most important step is the cover the chip or cracks with clear packing tape. Never use any other tape and never use any glues or fillers on your own as a temporary fix. The tape will keep the windshield clean and clear of any dirt or debris. This ensures the repair will take, even if the owner of the vehicle had to wait longer than a couple of days.

Some other things to avoid are washing your car and placing any pressure on the crack from inside or outside the car. Be aware of any pressure occurring inside the vehicle such as deep bass systems, and similar causes of pressure. This can cause the crack to spread and get worse. Washing your car can cause water to wash dirt and debris into the crack, even chemicals that can discolor the damaged spot.

To recap, it’s important to move quickly when a rock chip occurs on your windshield. The same goes for small cracks or other similar issues. Moving quickly will save you time, money, and grief.