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The view of indoor windshield glass at Las Vegas, NV

In winter, the foggy windows in your car accumulate and decrease the visibility. The two causes of this happening in the automobile are the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the vehicle. This creates condensation, which causes the formation of mist. Here are practical tips to prevent the car from forming on the windshield of the car, as well as effective tips to remove his person, if it is formed. The future belongs to those who get up early. Unless the fog on the windows of your car stops you from going to work quickly. These tips will help you solve this problem.

Where Does the Condensation on the Windows of My Car Come From?

The fog on your windows comes from the humidity in your car. Moisture that can come from shoes or wet clothes, a forgotten bottle of water, your breathing, bad removal of water from the air conditioning When you turn on the ignition of your car, the heater starts and the hot air in the car comes in contact with the cold windshield, causing condensation on the windows.

Dangerous and Not Good for Your Wallet

It goes without saying that fogged windows can be a danger. If you do not see anything, an accident will happen very quickly. Okay, you have auto insurance, but why take unnecessary risks? You can also be verbalized for driving with fogged windows. Better to think of a solution!

Tips for Saying Goodbye to Fogged Windows

  • Clean the windshield and windows of your car regularly to get rid of dirt particles that are expected to be dirty.
  • Fill the old socks with silica cat litter and in your car. You can place on the dashboard or on the seats of the car. It helped me absorb moisture in the cabin. To renew once a month. There are also commercial moisture absorbers for the car.
  • When the weather is nice, defog the windshield quickly
  • Wipe the fog with a microfiber mitt or a special anti-fog muslin
  • Switch on the air conditioner by passing the fan to the windscreen position. Unlike hot air, the cool air from the air conditioner is faster and more effective at defogging the windshield.

Avoid This to Limit Fogging on the Windows of the Car

  • Drop in wet items such as wet jackets, umbrellas, wet car mats …
  • A pollen filter obstructed good ventilation and could cause fogging. Take the car to your garage for verification.
  • Check that there is no leak in the vehicle that has been allowed to enter the car. It could come from a door seal, the sunroof …
  • Turn on the air conditioning in the car and aim the blower at the windshield. Open the blower to the maximum.
  • As soon as you see enough, you can get started. However, leave the air conditioning on, certainly less, because the windows could fog up again in no time.
  • Clean windows fog up less quickly. So clean your windows regularly, also indoors.
  • Check the level of the washer fluid regularly.
  • Check that the rubber gaskets on the doors and windows close properly.
  • Have the air conditioning checked by a garage.
  • Do not leave wet objects in the car.
  • If you have been sitting in the car on a rainy day, have the car ventilate well enough when it is dry again.
  • Place a dehumidifier in your car.

In following these tips, you will notice a clear decrease of fogginess in your car and you will be able to drive safely in the winter.