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Car Maintenance service center

Some repairs become unavoidable as your vehicle ages. Nevertheless, properly maintaining your vehicle can extend your life cycle and minimize the cost of certain operations. In other words, you will be winners to take care of your car!

Cars have a higher and higher cost. Getting a functional one, with a few kilometers and a reasonable price is not always easy. It is better, in this case, to put all the chances on his side to keep his vehicle as long as possible. To do this, it is clear that regular maintenance is the key to success.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle Extends Its Life

As with everything else, keeping your business in good shape makes it possible for the latter to have an interesting and long life, it’s a fact. Unfortunately, vehicle owners are not always aware of it and forget some important steps in car maintenance. For example, how many have made a quote for the brake pad change and have never acted? Unfortunately, this change could be fatal, fortunately, their brakes finally worked in this descent. But, will they have the same chances next time?

So, not only do you guarantee your loved ones and yourself to be safe aboard your car, but you are sure to be able to keep it as long as possible. Because, we said, good maintenance undeniably extends its life. And it is by going regularly to a professional that you will achieve this maximum longevity.

Target the Elements to Be Maintained

Between the interior, the exterior, and the car itself, there are plenty of places in which there are small – even large – elements to pamper. The exterior is subject to much bad weather and potential damage. The perfect target of little thugs, mud, rain, and all the other dirt that could come stick to it. Regular cleaning of the bodywork prevents dirt from building up and protects your vehicle. Dust accumulating is hardly protective of your interior, quite the opposite. Remember to vacuum and dust as often as possible.

External Maintenance

First, the external elements of your vehicle (bodywork, headlights, lights, etc …) are subjected to a severe test on a daily basis. They come in contact almost daily with insect remains dust and chemicals on the road surface that can be corrosive in the long run. By washing your vehicle regularly, you stop the accumulation of these elements and protect your body from corrosion. Rust and corrosion are less common problems today than on older generation vehicles. Nevertheless, your car requires regular maintenance to avoid this kind of trouble.

On the other hand, some car manufacturers offer rust and corrosion protection options such as special varnishes. This is something to consider when buying a new vehicle.

Take the time to follow our 10 tips to extend the life of your vehicle so you can rest easy.

Engine Maintenance

Maintaining the engine of your vehicle may seem daunting but with the right tools and a little preparation, it becomes child’s play!

Cleaning your engine regularly means that grease and debris do not accumulate, which could lead to costly repairs. As for the lower part of your vehicle, there are specific products. It is also important to find out beforehand to respect certain precautions. Indeed, there are several elements within the engine compartment that must not come into contact with water. It is therefore vital to take some time to study the maintenance of its engine before launching all over the place.

In addition, we advise you to regularly check your various levels: oil, cooling or windshield washer, so as not to damage your engine in case of lack (How to check the level of the washer fluid?). You can also change or clean some of your filters to increase their longevity.

When finished with the engine maintenance, the obvious evidence of good longevity of the vehicle; draining, changing brake pads, coolant or windshield wiper, anything related to the engine should be handled with care and properly maintained. The car manufacturers present at the time of purchase to their customers the different stages for the interviews. If you respect these, you are sure to keep your car as long as possible.

Interior Maintenance

It is also important to clean the inside of your vehicle on a regular basis. Dust contains chemical elements and grains of sand that can damage the exterior surfaces of your interior. As for the exterior of your vehicle, regular maintenance helps prevent dirt accumulation to keep your home in optimal conditions.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Routinely vacuuming the seats and your carpets will help prevent dust accumulation. Also, linger on the dashboard and empty pockets, a damp cloth will suffice to easily clean these items. If your vehicle has leather seats, be careful to use a suitable product to respect the skins.

Maintenance Under the Vehicle

This is one of the essential elements to clean regularly because the dust accumulates mainly in this place, most of the time with the earth and salt in winter arranged on the roads. There are many tools and products on the market such as hoses to attach to a garden hose to clean the bottom of your vehicle more easily.

It is not necessary to clean the bottom of your vehicle too often but it is important to do it as well as your annual drain.