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cracked glass

Our daily schedules have become so hectic and chaotic that we don’t even know when our windshield suffered damage and there’s a crack or chip on it. And even if we do notice is, we don’t really think it’s a big thing. Ignoring a windshield repair or replacement is not a smart thing to do.

The longer you ignore that crack on your windshield, the more it can cost you. It’s not only a matter of costing you money, but driving around with a damaged windshield is also hazardous for both you and your passengers.

While on the road, it’s important that you have a clear view out. This of course applies to your rear windshield as well, which also has to be in perfect condition. It can take a split of a second for the tiny crack on your windshield to turn into something more problematic.

Highway with Flying Debris

People from Arizona more often think that they need a new windshield than people from other states. This is mostly because of the climate, which is more arid in Arizona so it’s natural that debris and pebbles get picked up by the wind easily.

Once picked up, the pebbles end up on the highway where they get tossed a round by speeding cars. Some of them even end up hitting someone’s windshield, causing cracks or chips which can spread over time, growing larger and larger. Once it reaches the corners of the windshield, the structural integrity becomes severely compromised.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicles inspections can be an unpleasant experience especially if your auto glass isn’t in top shape. Not sure if you knew, but you can even be fined if your auto glass is damaged. It’s best to be a few steps ahead, replace the damaged windshield on time (or have it repaired if that’s a feasible option) before the authorities motivate you to do so.

Flying Objects and Collateral Damage

If you live in metropolitan areas in Arizona, you’re used to the fact that you from time to time, need a new windshield. Sure, often enough, the main culprit of auto glass damage can be pebbles and road debris.

But sometimes, when your car is parked, there are other flying things that can damage it, for example flying baseballs. Baseballs won’t instantly shatter your windshield but it can leave a sizeable chip or crack. If it’s not too deep or too long, it can be repaired.  Bigger and more severe cracks can’t be repaired safely.

Rapid Temperature Changes

Just like any other surface, windshield glass (made from laminated glass) tends to expand and contracts depending on the temperature. You may not see it happening with your own eyes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

When you put the windshield between a burning hot Arizona sun in the middle of the Summer and your AC which is blowing cold air, the collision of two temperature extremes can severely compromise the structural integrity making it more prone to cracks.

Faulty Repairs

Some people that decided to have the auto glass issue resolved, tend to do it by a second-rate shop or a friend who claims that he can do it better or cheaper. It’s true that sometimes auto glass replacement can be a bit costly, but this all depends on the model of your vehicle and the size of the windshield.

The same can be said for repairs. Costs variate based on how severe is the damage and how much work will it require.

But what’s not negotiable is the quality of the auto glass repair shop. If you want to have auto glass that is structurally sound and impeccable, always choose to work with professional auto glass repair shops. They are certified, highly skilled, follow the industry standards and in most cases can accept your insurance to cover the replacement/repair.

So if your windshield is due for a repair or replacement, make sure to contact Auto Glass Express and schedule an appointment.