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car sunroof

Your sunroof is just like any other window on your car meaning that it can also be prone to damage, malfunction and deterioration.  Even though sunroofs aren’t so frequently used as for example other windows in your vehicle, it will, sooner or later quire repair or replacement.

Knowing when it’s time to replace your sunroof is not always easy, especially to the untrained eye. So you will need to have a professional take a look. But to give you a bit of insight, we compiled this list of telltale signs which signal that it’s time to have your sunroof replaced.

Sunroof Problems that Need Auto Glass Repair

As we mentioned before, since sunroofs aren’t used as frequently as other windows, they might not require replacement or repairs as often. But eventually, they do. If you notice some of the following issues, it might be time for professional attention.

Damage – Just like all other windows on your vehicle, the sunroof is also made from tempered glass. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to damage. Falling objects or rapid temperature change are the two main causes of sunroof glass damage.

Leaks – When your sunroof’s drainage system is damaged or clogged, you will see water leaking into your vehicle. Leakage can also occur if the neoprene or silicone sealing around the auto glass gets damaged or deteriorates.

Motor failure – Even though motor failure is really rare, if you notice that your sunroof won’t close or open, or closes and opens really slowly, you might have a problem with a broken or damaged motor.

Track or cable – When a sunroof function properly, opening and closing should be smooth. However, if you notice weird noises or the sunroof starts catching as it moves, it could be that the track and cables are worn out or damaged.

Type of Auto Glass Replacements

If you need to replace the auto glass on your sunroof because it’s damaged or not functioning, you can choose between two options. However, you need to be aware that you can’t always choose. Sometimes the type of vehicle that you own will make the decision for you.

The first type is to have your sunroof auto glass replaced with an auto glass that features a screened, dot-matrix pattern. If you are opt-in for this option, you should know that this type of auto glass reflects about 50% of the sun’s heat. This is an affordable option.

If you would a more high-end solution, you can pick the auto glass which has solar cool reflective technology. Unlike the other option, this one reflects about 93% of the sun’s heat so it will keep your vehicle much cooler.

If you don’t know which one would best fit your vehicle, no worries. When you stop by at Auto Glass Express, we can take a look and recommend the best option for you.