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The damage cracked in car windshield

As you know, keeping your car’s windshield is essential because that is a vital part of your vehicle’s strength. And even despite your constant caution, care, polishing it plenty of times, and driving safely, the damage will occur. You can hear tales and stories about windshields. Some of them are true and some are not. Today we will focus on the most common myths about windshields and why we are ill-informed.

Windshields Can’t Break

Windshields for today’s modern cars are made from laminated glass. This glass is also known as safety glass. You most likely heard the story that the safety class is resistant to cracks and can’t be shattered. Well, that’s not true. Windshields can be damaged by many things, starting from debris, vandalism, extreme temperature fluctuation and so on.

But unlike normal class, safety class that makes up your windshield breaks into smaller pieces which are in most cases harmless. So even if your windshield shatters, you won’t get hurt by the pieces.

There are, however, types of windshield and auto glass that are shatterproof, but those aren’t used in conventional vehicles. Those types of windshields are specifically designed to resist serious damage e.g. from bullets. But this is another topic.

A Chip Is a Chip – They Are All the Same

Someone might think that every chip on your windshield is the same. We’ll they are not. Depending on the cause, chips can manifest in various shapes such as:

  • Combination break
  • Bullseye
  • Star break
  • Edge crack and
  • Stress crack

The way each of these chips spread is also different. It varies on the vibration of your car, temperature fluctuations etc. So when you see a chip in your windshield, make sure that you consult your auto glass expert for the best repair options.

Damaged Windshield Means New Windshield

Just like every damage on your car’s windshield is different, the way you repair said damage can also be very different. Some chips and cracks can simply be repaired and there’s no need for a windshield replacement. For example, if the damage isn’t too severe, it’s less than half of an inch and it’s outside of your line of vision, it’s most likely that your auto glass repair guy can repair the damage with simple resin injection.

Cheap Repair Kits Are Enough for a Repair

This one is also a common misconception. Sure, DIY repair kits can repair some chips on your windshield, but we strongly recommend that repairs are done by professionals. After all, they are skilled at it and use much higher quality tools and repair kits than you, so the end result will most likely be better.

Don’t Worry About Small Cracks or Chips

Well this one is definitely not true. Minor chips and cracks don’t always stay like that. Due to the effect of car vibration, temperature fluctuations and other elements, smaller chips can easily expand and become bigger. Even smaller cracks are weakening the structural integrity of your windshield. Imagine how dangerous are the bigger ones. So make sure that you repair even the small windshield cracks. You might not want to spend money on it, but you can’t put a price tag on your and your passenger’s safety!

Do It Yourself With a Repair Kit

Sure, some chips and cracks can be repaired at home, in your garage, with a repair kit that you can buy at special stores. But how sure are you that you’ve done a good job? You might follow the instructions down to the last letter, but you can end up doing a poor job and cause further damage to your windshield. Better to leave it for the professionals. After all, they know all the tricks of the trade!

It Will Be Expensive

Having a cracked or chipped windshield should not discourage you to have it fixed or replaced. Some car insurances will even cover the cost of it so you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket. It’s best to carefully read your insurance policy and buy the one that will fit you best.

And if you’re worried that the repair or replacement will take long, some auto glass repair shops will actually be able to do the repairs at your home or office so you don’t have to wait in line to have it done.

De-Icing Your Windshield Won’t Cause Damage

Actually, de-icing your windshield can cause serious damage and it can even shatter your windshield. When you pour hot water on your windshield, the rapid change in temperature causes the windshield to expand/contract rapidly and might shatter.

Using a heavy and sharp object to scrape off the ice, like a screwdriver, can also damage your windshield by creating a hole or a crack. Instead, we have special ice scrapers.

Scraping off the ice with another metal object can also scratch or cut grooves in your windshield.

If you’re looking for the best way to de-ice your windshield, we recommend using a de-icer spray in combination with the ice-scraper. The spray will melt and weaken the ice, which will then be easy to remove with the scraper

Hopefully, these clear the biggest myths about your windshield. And remember, a damaged windshield is dangerous for both you and your passengers. So if you notice a crack or small chip, make sure to contact Auto Glass Express and schedule a consultation so our expert can take a look and help you!