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Let’s say that you got your windshield replaced because the old one was chipped or cracked. So now, you want to make sure that the new windshield lasts as long as possible, and you should. A well maintained windshield not provides good view out and most importantly it protects both you and your passengers and the structural integrity of your car.

You can find many tips and DIY solutions on how to properly maintain your windshield. Some of them are good, some of them are not. We at Auto Glass Express would like to share our tips and tricks (and secrets) on how to properly care for and maintain your windshield!

There are a few things you need to do right after your windshield replacement and a few things you will do occasionally in the following weeks, months and even year. Both are extremely important if you want to avoid another windshield replacement.

Things to Do Right After Your Windshield Replacement

Once you’ve replaced your windshield, you’d be heading home. You should keep in mind that the new windshield is most vulnerable in the first 48 hours after replacement, so you need to make sure that you follow these tips in order to protect your windshield properly

Don’t Drive for a Few Hours

When replacing windshields, the auto glass shop uses urethane-based adhesive to fix the windshield in place. This adhesive takes a bit of time to dry and cure after installation. So for an hour or two, after installation, we strongly recommend that you avoid driving your car once you return home. But if you can, you should avoid driving the car until the very next day since the urethane glue takes a bit longer to dry and cure.

Don’t Slam Doors!

When you open and close your car doors, you’re creating pressure change in your car. This pressure change is particularly rapid and strong when you slam the door. And since the adhesive hasn’t cured yet properly, slamming your car doors can compromise this. So for the first few hours after a windshield installation, close the car doors gently and avoid rapid and unnecessary pressure changes.

Don’t Touch the Tape

When installing a new windshield, the auto glass technicians will leave the adhesive tape on the edges of your windshield. This tape has a very important purpose. While the adhesive dries, the tape prevents any dust build-up or debris from compromising the seal. So until the adhesive dries and cures, don’t remove the tape. After about a day or two, once the adhesive has proper time to dry, you can gently remove the tape.

Washing Your Vehicle

Yes, we are still on the topic of the adhesive not drying fast enough. With that in mind, be aware that the intense water pressure during washing your car can seriously compromise the seal of your windshield and even cause the molding to shift a bit. This isn’t something you want. A slightly shifted windshield isn’t perfectly positioned, and you’re running the risk of compromising the function of the windshield and your safety. It’s best to leave any car washing after 48 hours after replacement.

At Auto Glass Express, we know that a windshield replacement is a rather big deal. So in order to have it replaced properly, contact us today and schedule an appointment. You can also reach out to us with any questions regarding windshield replacement and repairs whether you have a car, truck or RV.