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The person cleaning the car windshield at Peoria, AZ

Much like the old days of the Wild West, you want a horse that’s not just your traveling companion; you want the one that is healthy, runs smoothly, and can be trusted with our lives. In today’s form of travel, you want a car that will get you to the desired location, safely without mishaps. It’s time to take care of your car as you mean it! If you are a type of person that buys a car with the intention of keeping it or you want a vehicle that will arrive at the desired destination, here are a few helpful maintenance tips!


Cleaning dust from curbs is necessary to your car’s overall health. The combination of moisture and heat from the brakes takes a toll on the wheels. There is an easy way out of brake dust, and that’s a damp sponge and cold water. Also, be sure to replace brake pads when they wear down, rotate/replace rotors, and talk with a technician about other forms of brake maintenance.

Air Filter

Check your Air filter every 12 months. Doing so keeps your engine running its best and helps overall maintenance. It’s minimizing the damage when there’s no dust and bugs entering the system. Air Filters are inexpensive, and you can replace them easily on your own. First, you need to locate the filter, a quick youtube or google search can help you determine it. You will be replacing an old filter with the new one. Be sure to use the same type of filter or one that’s approved by your owner’s manual (if you don’t have a professional by your side). To finish the operation, close the metal clips and – here you go a cleaner air!

Alignment and Tire Wear

When the vehicle is out of alignment, drivers may notice it’s hard to maintain driving the car along a straight path. In most cases, this is an easy problem to fix, and basically, check with your technician about balancing the vehicle. With the alignment process, consider having your tires checked for wear, as well as balanced wear. Proper tire tread is necessary for a vehicle’s safety, but unbalanced wear can be hazardous in the long run. Also, the uneven tire wear can be a sign that the car is out of alignment. Tires can be expensive to replace, so keeping up with their maintenance will help them last longer, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars.

Surface Cleaning and Finishes

Dirt, dust, and salt-free exterior will help keep a vehicle looking great for years to come. Car washing and waxing may be just an act of vanity, but in fact, there are some reasons to consider them. Cleaning your vehicle’s exterior will keep pollen, dust, and dirt from creating scratches, and removing salt help prevent erosion and rusting. Finally, there’s a lesser considered option of car waxing. Car waxing provides many benefits, the most of which is protection from the elements. Tip: If a bird does poop on your car, try to wash it as quickly as you can, because if left too long, it can potentially damage your paint job!