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door glass Regulator

What Is the Role of a Door Glass Regulator?

A door glass regulator is a mechanism that allows the driver or passenger to lower or raise the window. There are three mechanisms:

    – The manual window regulator

    – The electric window lift

    – The electric window lifter and automatic (it is sufficient to exert a simple impulse to go up or down completely the window)

When to Change It?

Some signs may indicate the end of life of a window regulator mechanism: Slow motion of the windowpane or unusual noises (creaking, crunches) of the mechanism may indicate a malfunction.

However, when the window regulator is electric, the source of the malfunction may be different (mechanism or motor). If the window does not lower (or rise) but you can hear the noise of the electric motor, it is likely that only the mechanism is to replace. However, if you hear no noise when you press the button, it is possible that only the engine is to change.

How Do I Know if My Window Regulator Is Equipped With Comfort Function?

If you live entirely on a single pulse, you keep pressing the button, so you enjoy the comfort function. It is imperative that you replace it with a window regulator also equipped with this function.

Change a Door Glass Regulator: How to Replace It?

Removal of the window regulator

To gain access to the mechanism, care must be taken not to injure the openings in the door that may be sharp.

  • It is necessary to dismantle the door trim first.
  • Remove the seals, being careful not to tear them.
  • Remove the glass from the mechanism by unscrewing or unclipping the lock. For this, it is necessary to place the glass halfway up.
  • If it is impossible to access the connection between the glass and the mechanism because it is jammed, it must be made mobile. For that:

    – If it can be separated (double cable assembly, rack cable, scissors), separate the motor from the mechanism (unscrew it from its support). Do not forget to unplug the motor through the connector.

    – If it is not separable (cable mounting), cut the cables at both ends of the motor. Separate the engine lifts electric window from its mechanism

  • Remove the glass and store it in a secure place so as not to break it. To do this, you have to tilt it vertically, pull it upwards, and pull it out the outside of the door. In some cases, the window is also guided at the rear pillar. It is therefore necessary to spread the joints by hand and rotate it vertically.
  • Remove the window lift mechanism as a whole. Depending on the vehicle, it can be riveted or screwed to the door. Also, disconnect the motor from the connector if the operation has not been performed upstream. This step can be tricky. So be careful not to get your fingers caught and do not hesitate to use the articulation of the mechanism to take it out. Separate the engine lifts electric window from its mechanism

The installation of the door glass regulator

Once the whole system is dismounted, it is sometimes necessary to recover joints or staples on the old mechanism. Mechanism and engine raises an electric window

  • Position and secure the new mechanism to the door.
  • Connect the motor.
  • Slide the window into the door, taking care to reposition it in its guides.
  • Fix and adjust the window to the mechanism, adjusting the height of the mechanism if necessary.
  • Refit the window seals on the door
  • Refit the door trim