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When you’ve been in an accident or just suffered a cracked windshield, the last thing you want to think about is your insurance company. If you have windshield coverage, though, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. If you don’t, however, you will want to start looking at insurance companies in Phoenix, AZ, to get yourself covered as soon as possible.

Do You Have Glass Coverage?

Whether you’re in need of a windshield repair or not, you should determine if you have glass coverage through your auto insurance. It will usually be bundled with your comprehensive coverage insurance. Read closely though, as you may have to pay a deductible amount depending on the amount of coverage you pay for. Your insurance provider can give you more details.

Do Your Research!

If you’ve determined that you don’t have glass coverage, or you’d like to get more coverage, always research different insurance companies. In many cases, longevity in a company may not benefit you as much as you’d like. If you can find coverage that takes into account your age, location, and vehicle status, you may find a much better deal. Also, ask about the possibility of coverage for glass repair versus glass replacement. Many companies will cover a glass repair—with a licensed auto glass repair shop—but they charge you the deductible for a full windshield replacement. Be sure to ask your insurance provider if this is part of your policy.

Consult Your Auto Glass Shop!

You’ve determined how much your glass coverage and deductible is. You’ve done your research into various insurance companies, and found the best deal for you. If you’ve already suffered windshield damage, call your local auto glass repair shop, or a shop your insurance recommends. Often, auto glass repairmen will come to your house or work to repair or replace your windshield. This is for your convenience so you won’t have to drive with a potentially dangerous windshield.