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Tempered glass is actually a specially designed form of glass in Las Vegas, NV

As you probably know, the windshield of your car is pretty important. It protects you and your passengers from the outside world and also allows you to have a clear view out. And we cannot emphasize enough the ‘protection’ part. That’s why it’s important to fix/repair any chips and crack on your windshield and if necessary, to replace the windshield entirely.

Windshields keep the wind out of your hair and the bugs out of your mouths, and they do that quite well, but the protection reaches further than that.

What Are Windshields Made From?

To put it plainly, a windshield is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is actually a specially designed form of glass that breaks into many smaller pieces. Tempered glass is usually two pieces of glass that have a piece of plastic between them. Unlike traditional glass, which usually breaks into a few larger pieces and those pieces can cause serious injuries. On the other hand, the tiny pieces of tempered glass (if it breaks of course) are far less likely to cause any life-threatening injuries. It makes sense, right?

Roof Support

You might think that the only thing supports your car’s roof are the pillars (A, B, C and sometimes even D). Well thing again. Your windshield provides a huge part in supporting your car’s roof. Windshields actually prevent the car roof to collapse in case you’re in a rollover accident. Without the windshield, every rollover accident would cause the roof to collapse, seriously injuring you and your passengers…or worse. So windshields actually play a key part in your car’s structural integrity and it needs to be in good condition.

Insurance Coverage

Many people wonder whether their car insurance will cover the repairs/replacement if their windshield gets broken. Well, that all depends on your insurance policy. Some policies do include windshield repairs/replacements so they will be covered, while others don’t. So you should pay extra attention when picking your insurance policy! Windshield repairs/replacements are actually one of the most common car insurance claims.

So when picking your insurance, make sure that you pick the right one and if it comes to repairing/replacing your windshield, pick an auto glass repair shop that is approved by your insurance.