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Man Cleaning Car Windshield in Las Vegas, NV

We depend on cars more than ever. And just like with your house, your car will also require regular maintenance. An unfortunately reality you cannot escape.

Some car repairs can be postponed, but not all of them. Especially when they are related to your car’s windshield.

A minor crack on your windshield could appear to be just that – a minor crack. However, minor cracks can quickly turn into a major safety risk, not just for your but for the other passengers in your car. Depending on the size of the crack, the windshield’s integrity could become seriously compromised and that’s not something to play with. Because of this, we at Auto Glass Express recommend that you tend to any auto glass damages as soon as possible.

Damage to your windshield should be an easy fix to a reputable glass technician.

And in order to avoid paying frequent visits to a glass technician, we compiled a list of 5 foolproof maintenance tips that will help you keep your windshield in top form.

Stone and Gravel

Consider taking a different route if your usual commute takes you through places where there are construction zones or gravel roads. Other vehicles in front of you tend to kick up gravel and rocks and these are the #1 causes of windshield damage. Of course, you cannot avoid every single rock, but you can significantly minimize the risk if you take a route on a new, well-maintained road.

Stay Away From Hail Storms

It’s not surprising that glass technicians receive more calls about damaged windshields after a hail storm. Hail shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if it’s far less destructive than other natural disasters. It’s absolutely impossible to predict the size of the hailstone. It can be pea-size in one minute and the size of a large marble in the next. If the weather forecast says that there’s a likelihood of a hail storm, if you can, don’t risk driving on the road. Find shelter somewhere and wait for it to pass. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor!

Windshield Wipers Should Be in Good Condition

Properly maintained windshield wipers are a must and they are helpful. However, if your wipers are old and tattered, cay can cause major problems on your auto glass. If you don’t maintain and replace your wipers, they tend to collect debris which in the end scratches your front and rear glass. So check your wipers regularly to ensure they are not broken and functioning properly.

Avoid Unsafe Areas

Even though this should come as common sense, but we can’t emphasize it enough. We highly recommend that you avoid areas of your town which are known for break-ins or vandalism. We understand that you can’t avoid every questionable area and that break-ins occur even in good neighborhoods, but we strongly urge that you park only in well-lit lots and spaces. Furthermore, avoid leaving any valuables in your car, because they are the main reason cars are vandalized.

Immediate Repairs

The list of reasons why you should get your auto glass repaired immediately goes on and on. As we mentioned before, a small crack might seem small. But it can lead to major problems. If your windshield has a small crack and you hit a pothole or get into a fender bender, you risk your windshield shattering. And if you live in an area where weather can be quite unpredictable, water can enter the crack and if it freezes over night, it can further expand the crack and make things even worse.

It’s impossible to avoid every rock or potential hazard on the road. But as a driver, you should do your part in making roads safer. So if you notice any minor scratches or cracks on your windshield, contact us and come in for an inspection.