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Emergency glass break

It’s not often that many of us might find ourselves in a position to where we need to figure out how to break the glass in our vehicle. However, these moments do arise for some and it’s better to be prepared and ready than caught off guard and clueless in the moment. You would think breaking glass would be easy but, depending on the circumstances, it’s not as easy as one might think. Here are a few tips to breaking your vehicle’s glass if you ever find yourself in a position requiring it.


Most cars have a headrest on the back of at least the front seats. These headrests are often removable and easily slip up and out. At the bottom of these headrests are metal prongs that can be used as a weapon to break the glass. The best way to utilize these is to force them into the slat where the window disappears when you roll it up and down. Once the prongs are wedged in this area, pull the headrest towards you with plenty of force. This should break the glass of the window.

Saving a Person or Pet From the Car

If the reason behind needing to break the glass in a vehicle is to try and save a living thing, precautions should be taken. Try to use something such as sharp metal or another item made out of glass or porcelain. Most vehicle windows are made out of tempered glass and these materials will usually cause less of shatter and more of a localized point in the window to break. This keeps a child or pet from harm.

Breaking Auto Glass Under Water

When a vehicle is submerged underwater, breaking the glass is not the same as if it were on dry land. Many people do not have an escape hammer handy or a specialized punch in order to break free. Both of these tools were created to help in this type of situation. However, since most people do not find themselves in this situation often or they believe they may never be in this situation, these tools aren’t kept handy. If submerged in water, do not try to break out of the side windows as it will be almost impossible. Instead, focus on kicking your windshield in the same spot as hard as you can. 3-4 powerful kicks in the same spot on the windshield should be enough to break it free.

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in these types of situations. However, life is crazy and we never know what we might run into. That’s why it’s always smart to be ready and informed in matters such as these.