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A man Clearing wiper problem in Peoria, AZ

It’s common for everyone to give 0 percent thought about windshield wipers until they aren’t working correctly.

Hey, even us in this business have some unpleasant drives when wipers were broken, and I can tell you guys- it’s not fun! Sometimes, even if you buy new blades, you can experience that blurry mess in front of you. Today, we will try to offer you some of the solutions that will give you a clear view of the road ahead in even the worst weather, If you’re driving to some other states then Arizona.

Blades Are Smearing in Both Directions

If tour wipers smear water in both directions, you may have occurring one of these problems:

  •    Dirty wiper blade
  •    Dirty windshield
  •    Worn blades
  •    Sub-par windshield wiper fluid

Try to clean your windshield and wiper blades before you replace wipers blades.You can try to use a new wiper fluid.To clean your wiper blades use a clean cloth and hot soapy water.After you clean off the soap, wipe the edge of the blade with rubbing alcohol.This can help reducing streaks on your windshield.

Water Smearing in One Direction

This type of problem can generally occur in the colder parts of the United States, and there’s no much you can do about it. However, if this problem is happening when it’s not cold, it means your wiper blades are old, or they’re the wrong size.Either way, the result stays the same. You need new wiper blades.

Water Beads You Can’t Wipe Away

One of the most annoying things that can happen. Water beads should be easy to wipe away. Many of the windshield treatments that help you keep your windshield clear cause water to bead and run off.

In some cases, beads won’t wipe or run off your windshield; they’ll be stuck in a foggy form on the glass, obscuring your vision. This type of problem for windshields usually occur in high pollution areas. Grime and residue that’s stick to your glass can cause water beads to stick too. Before you continue with cleaning the water, you will probably need the wax remover to help you with the dirt. Watch the paint!


If you hear your wipers chattering on your windshield it means only one thing- the water isn’t getting wiped away efficiently. You can notice the marks on the blades. A few possible problems are causing it like oil, wax or grease which prevents the blade from working regularly. You can start by scrubbing your windshield thoroughly. Clean your blades also. If this doesn’t help you should consider a wiper arm. It could be bent. To be assured, bring the wiper up to mid-stroke on the windshield and examine the blade. Arms of the blade should be parallel to the glass, and the blades should make full contact with the windshield. If the arms are bent, you should carefully twist it with some pliers until it’s parallel with the glass again. Your wiper blade may also be frozen in which case you should consider defroster product.