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How to Break Auto Glass in an Emergency?

Emergencies can come unprepared, and leave you with just split seconds of decision making. Imagine your dog barking inside of your car stuck inside or you get trapped in a body of water? It’s not so bad if you consider all the things that you can do to deal with such an emergency. So, considering all the possibilities, the most likely one is to break the auto glass to escape or save your pet. Movies and series lead us to believe that breaking an auto glass is quickly done by kicking it. Misleading as it is, the things in real life are vastly different. If you are scared of thinking, this accident can happen to you?

Here are the few tips that can help you break out auto glass during the emergency (Ironically given these tips, we are used to fixing broken windshields and windows):

An Emergency Hammer

The most effective way and certainly the easiest. An emergency hammer will help you in breaking the auto glass. Keep the Hammer in a convenient location to help you smash your car’s windows in the event of an unfortunate emergency.

A Heavy Object

Any large object can be used to break the glass. The windshield is designed to be much more durable, so your best chance is to use a heavy object on your side windows.

The Headrest (if You Need to Get Out of the Car)

Anything solid doesn’t come to mind? Hey, no problem. The headrest isn’t explicitly designed to break auto glass, but it can help you shutter the glass of your windows. Remove a headrest from the back of any seat, and shove metal pegs into the base of the window frame( space where your window retracts, cause usually, it’s the softest spot). After, pull the headrest towards you and break the glass of the window.

The Spark Plug(if you need to get into the car)

You can get instant access to one by popping your hood and pulling it out. Next, you need to break the porcelain casing around the spark plug(remember to protect your eyes). Then take a sharp piece of the ceramic and throw it at the window you want breaking. This is the handy tip if you need to break inside your car. At least, you should consider the possibility and locate your spark plug when you have time, precaution-wise. There are a few special tools that can help you with breaking the glass: Glas Master, QuikKut Glass Tool, and tools from Fire Hooks Unlimited.

Repair the Auto Glass as Soon as You Can

If you find that you have to shatter an auto glass for any reason, you should bring it to Auto Glass Express. We can restore your windshield so you can hit the road in no time. We are specialized in auto glass and windshield replacement, auto glass repair, and rock chip repair!

To schedule a repair, call us at  [company id =1]