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Auto glass express  worker Installing the windshield at Las Vegas, NV

Windshield replacement shouldn’t be delayed. It can be a hassle but remember – safety comes first! If you recently had your windshield replaced you want to know that auto-glass specialist has done an excellent job. Many serious problems can occur during the windshield replacement like poor technique and even careless replacement that can affect your car down the road. There are a few tips that can help you make the distinction between the pro level and poor quality of work.

Only One Person Installing the Glass

At least two workers are required for the job. Glass needs to be lined up correctly before securing it, and you need experienced technicians for that. If you notice only one technician working on your vehicle, then there’s a good chance windshield is not installed correctly.

You’re Not Sure Where the Replacement Glass Came From

Having your windshield replaced with original glass or backup glass from your vehicle manufacturer is the key for a long-lasting windshield. You may have no proof that your replacement glass came from your manufacturer, so the installers may have used after-market parts to cut costs. Sometimes, installers grab replacement glass from a junkyard. Remember, a reputable company will always be able to trace glass directly to the manufacturer to make sure you get an original part, great fit, and reasonable price.

You Hear a Strange Noise at Higher Speeds

Newly installed windshield glass can’t have the sudden appearance of dull “whooshing” or similar sounds, especially at higher speeds. There is a chance that you are hearing the sound of wind getting into the cracks where your windshield was incorrectly installed. This noise can range from being barely noticeable to very distinct, depending on how poorly the job was done. Example. IF you are driving at a highway consider putting off your radio, AC/head, and pull windows up.

Like this, you can listen carefully to find out is there any noise coming in through your windshield.

The Glass Is Visibly Wavy

During the day, when you look at your car in the sunlight, your windshield should be smooth, without any bumps or waves in the glass. This is a sure sign of a quality issue with your new auto-glass. It can be another sign that your installer did not get your windshield glass from the manufacturer.

You Drive Your Car for a Short Amount of Time After the Installation

If you have a “green light” to drive your car home immediately after installing, your windshield is undoubtedly not installed correctly. There is a time span that must take after the installation because the adhesives require time for hardening. Driving your car before this, can result in cracks and shifting smoothly, even the smallest bumps on the road will cause it. So, if your auto-glass specialist tells you to drive just after the installation, it’s almost guaranteed that the glass isn’t sitting right.

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