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In this day and age, it can be difficult to trust someone to do their job. You would think you could just take someone at their word, however, that’s not the case. Many businesses will claim half-truths and this isn’t uncommon. People are catching onto this and are taking precautions to make sure the business they’re using is true to their word and claims. If you want to ensure you are choosing the best windshield replacement company, here are a few tips to help you out.

They Use Dealer or OEM Glass Only

OEM windshields are windshields made by car companies. These windshields have gone through rigorous testing and fit the car, plus its needs, perfectly. non-OEM windshields, or aftermarket windshields, don’t match this quality in the slightest. Although non-OEM is much cheaper, it’s worth the extra money to go OEM for you and your family’s safety, as well as the integrity of your car in general.

They Use Multiple People for the Install

If you go to a windshield repair business and it’s just one guy without employees to help, run away. A windshield replacement takes two people to get the job completed correctly. It’s a very precise science and if not done the first time around, there’s no going back. Ask questions or ask to observe to see how a windshield repair is handled before going with a business.

They Inspect the New Windshield

Even though OEM windshields are tested and of great quality, they pass through many hands to get to the replacement location. Because of this, a good repair shop will closely examine the new windshield after it arrives to ensure it’s still in perfect shape.

Great Customer Service

If you start out with a business that has mediocre customer service from the start, don’t even bother with them. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a business that won’t work with you to meet your needs. Ensuring they can work with your schedule, are clear and precise on payment, getting the job finished on time, etc. are all vital aspects to look out for.

Do They Remove Cowl Panels?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the business you’re looking at using for your windshield repair. Take a glance at the workshop and watch the process. Are the windshield wipers straight up in the air? If so, this means they’re not removing the cowl panel which means they’re either rushing the job or using the “dip” method which means there’s a higher chance they will screw up the windshield replacement. It may not be noticeable at first, but when the windshield is most vital will be when it’s noticeable, and no one wants that. Ask and make sure they remove the cowl panel and if so, they take pride in their work and they’re a good choice.