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car sunroof

When you’re buying a car with a sunroof, you don’t think about a sunroof explosion, right? Just like many other people. This is not something that happens often and many people don’t even think about it.

But, when you look at the recent Consumer Reports, you will see that some sunroofs do indeed explode and that there is more and more spontaneous shattering overhead.

If you own a vehicle that has a sunroof, make sure that you read on because we are sharing tips on how to stay safe and prevent your sunroof from exploding.

Sunroof Explosion – Causes

Even though researchers are working on finding a definitive reason for what exactly is causing sunroof explosions, they are still not sure what is going on. However, the list of possible reasons is narrowed down to the following:

Sunroof size – Sunroofs started to become bigger in 2011 and the number of sunroof explosions started to rise. Even though there’s no strict correlation between the two, since more and more people seek help from auto glass repair shops to repair their sunroofs, it’s necessary to implement some design changes in order to avoid sunroof explosions.

Heat – One of the theories even suggests that the main culprit behind exploding sunroofs is too much exposure to sunlight, but there’s not enough scientific proof to back this up. Furthermore, auto glass is designed and manufactured to sustain really high temperatures, and even more so, sunroofs are usually made from tempered glass which is particularly resilient.

Glass defects – This is probably the most realistic cause of sunroof explosions. There’s a likelihood that there is an increased number of manufacturing defects since 2011 there is a growing number of auto glass safety reports filed by consumers.

What to After?

If your sunroof explodes and you get injured, you’re most likely able to file a claim against the manufacturer. But before that, we strongly advise that you go to an auto glass repair shop and have the sunroof glass replaced. Mostly because driving with a partially intact or missing sunroof is very dangerous. So make sure that you contact Auto Glass Express right away.