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 We have many ways to Fix Scratches from Auto glass express in Las Vegas, NV

Dealing with scratches in your windshield or other parts of auto glass may seem like something that will require professional help. Depending on the depth of the scratch, you can fix them right in your driveway. There are many ways you can get scratches on your car, especially on highways, busy intersections or unpaved portions of the road where loose debris is more likely to strike your vehicle.

If you notice any difference you can try these methods for a quick repair on your auto glass:

Methods for Fixing Scratches in Auto Glass

Acrylic Scratch Remover

One of the easiest ways to fill swallow scratches is by using acrylic scratch remover. It comes in a liquid state. Acrylic S. R. will dry transparent and hard, so he can fill the scratches chemically and hide the damage.

Cerium Oxide Buff

If the scratches are a little bit deeper, you can use cerium oxide. Mix the powder with water and make a paste that should look like glue. Use this substance to cover the scratched areas and then take a drill with the hard rubber polishing wheel and apply pressure to grind that surface smooth slowly. If you add cerium oxide to the moist paste in time, you’ll have entirely scratch-free surface.

0000 Grade Steel Wool

 You need to be extremely careful. Keep your auto glass wet to avoid scratching the windshield further. The cost of the steel wool will be a little bit higher than other options. Compared to replacing the windshield it is still a better option to consider.


cleaning side glass


There’s no way that answers for the auto-glass scratches can be in your bathroom right now?! Using a clear whitening toothpaste, squeeze just a little onto a polishing cloth and rub it all over the scratches. Repeat the process if needed. Wipe the rest of the toothpaste with cloth and check the improvement of the damaged spot.

Auto Repair Kits

There are many glass repair kits manufactured by companies. You can try it on shallow and mildly deeper scratches. These kits usually contain various types of compounds, polishes, and solution to even the damaged parts with the rest of the glass to the point where you can’t see any damage.

Typically, these kits are inexpensive, and results seem to be 50/50 but considering replacing the glass, it’s worth to consider every option.

Seek the Help of the Professional

The best option is always to seek the help of the professional. Depending on the size, depth and placement of the scratch reaching out to experts to check it properly is always the right idea. Most of the glass won’t splinter or crack further once sustaining a scratch. But if the scratch is in the area that obstructs your vision while driving, it’s essential to get it repaired immediately to help reduce the chance of an accident should you be unable to see potential hazards or to have the visible road in front of you. Consider the same solution for rare windows, front doors, and back windows!