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The women checking the car for repair at Peoria, AZ

Car Repairs In Arizona

Whether you are a car rookie or a professional driver you should know that when the temperature gauge goes up, the alarm should start ringing! In Arizona, where summer temperatures can hit over 100° F  we’re well aware of the damage that can make on a vehicle. We’re not talking about sunburn. It can cause a problem with fluids, brakes, batteries. Ultimately, this can compromise your safety, make your bill sky-high and affect the poor performance of the car.


One of the most neglected components of the vehicle maintenance is brake fluid. When brake fluid overheats, it makes gas bubbles within the liquid; it boils in the caliper. This creates a “soft” brake pedal effect. This effect can cause problems with a car stopping ability.

Overheated Batteries

High temperatures accelerate a battery’s chemical compounds which trigger the evaporation of internal fluids. This fast burnout times leaves car more or less useless. You can avoid this by making your battery free of corrosion and keeping components clean. If your vehicle is being exposed to the sun for a long time, regular checkup from a professional is always a good choice. Without the battery, your car won’t start.


In the summertime, tires feel the heat coming from the pavement. Hot surface amplifies stress on tread cracks, bald spots, sidewall bubbles during a regular highway drive. Results are offer disintegration or even immediate blowouts in the worst scenario. During the exposure to a high temperature, increased air pressure will cause the center of the tire to wear out faster than outer edges. Checking the tire pressure and tire condition check-up is the best way to avoid damage during the hot months.


The white color Car for repair in shed without wheel in Phoenix & Las Vegas

We’ve talked about the danger of overheating of brake fluids, but hot temperature can also affect liquids shimmering. During the hot days, there is a possibility of mechanical seizures if oil burns out, and the engine is no longer able to lubricate parts. Dried up radiator fluid and air conditioning coolant can also compromise overall performance.

Belts and Hoses

Most of the vehicles (Even sophisticated ones) still rely on traditional belt and hose systems to transport essential fluids throughout the engine. During the high-temperature exposure or friction, the ability of the vehicle to lubricate itself is compromised. Best way to avoid damage is to inspect belts and hoses for physical damage visually. Pay more attention near clamps and connections as they are weakest links. A good belt and hose performance could save you serious problems with the radiators and engines.

General Observation?

Staying cool is the essential part of keeping the vehicle safe. If you fell your vehicle is not working, or some of the components have stopped working, let  Auto Glass Express help you with the diagnostics. We will perform a complete checkup and be inspecting any possibility of damage so you can have your vehicle back on the road in no time. If you are from Arizona or just driving by, stay cool!