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Checking and replacing the windshield in Peoria, AZ

Classic Car Maintenance

Some people have their high classic vehicles or own a high-end sports car. Owning this type of vehicle creates a certain curiosity and distinction when people see them in the streets. However, no matter how much time you spend on maintenance on this vehicles accidents are sometimes unavoidable.

If an accident occurs, we may get some cracks or scratches on the windshield, and when this happens, you need to find an auto-glass company who will perform a windshield replacement on classic cars or sports vehicle.

Luxury vehicles need right care and high maintenance. We all presume that luxury car’s windshields are not built the same as regular cars. The choice you make at first is that you won’t get this done by yourself. Installing glass in older, pre-1950′ cars can be replaced by someone with average mechanical skills. Keep in mind that that the rubber moldings and seals are part of the job and unless these are replaced there could be problems!

With newer model from the mid to late 50’s on, the process of installation can be a little tricky so, letting a pro handle the job might be a better choice. First, the cost of glass.

For some 50’s and 60’s era cars with large windshields, the price can be several hundred dollars, but with the limited production vehicles, the costs are much higher!

steering wheel of car

It’s not just getting a piece of glass in place. It has to be adequately sealed and making sure it will not crack if you hit a bump takes professional and specialized tools. Some later model cars that are reaching their “Classic” status may have bonded rear windows and windshields that require specialized tools to remove and install correctly. Vehicles with power windows are a different challenge, as you may need to replace some of the mechanical components as well as the glass. Most of them have the built-in inner layer that makes listening to music more enjoyable and with higher sound quality.

Does This Mean I Should Have My Classic Car Windshield Custom Made?

For the most part, yes it does. Our glass service can help you order the right peace of glass based on the windshield dimensions for your car.

The Cost

Cost varies widely depending on a type of car, age, and availability.  Buying an original windshield for classic cars can take time and money since they are priced as antique items. Ordering new, custom glass will probably take less time and be less expensive.

Going to Auto Glass express can save you a lot of time with the advantage of professional installation, a warranty, and the confidence that the parts are DOT compliant.

How Will a Classic Car Windshield Installation Affect My Insurance?

Insurance should treat crack repair or full windshield replacement in the same way they would manage windshield coverage of any other vehicle. If you are restoring a classic car from a wreck or scrap, you don’t need to ensure it right away.