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The person fixing the Window Tint in windshield in Phoenix & Las Vegas

Is It Legal in Arizona for My Tint to Be Dark?

So, what is the price for being cool? Some people love it, even if they’re not working for Man in Black like Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. You can get pulled over if your windshield is too dark. It’s better to understand the Arizona Window Tinting Law before we continue. The law applies to every type of vehicle. It depends on where and how your windows were tinted. Please understand that this law is subject to change, and the information we provide is accurate with the date of this article.

It is highly recommended that you talk to a window tinting professional to ensure the most updated compliance with the law.

Here is the current regulation regarding Arizona.

Arizona Front Windows Tint Law

Arizona does not have a single-window tint law. Instead, it has specific rules for each of your vehicle’s windows, and it is a sticker on what you can do with your windshield than it is with the others.

For your front windshield, you can use non-reflective tint,  provided that it is above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. The only exceptions are medical. If you need to stay out of the sun for health reasons, you can file for a waiver with the Arizona Department of Transportation. No other exceptions are allowed for your front windshield.

Front Side Windows Tint Regulations

Your front side windows must allow more than 33% light through so you have more options with side windows. You can also have your front windows 35% reflective.  Please note that your front side windows are the drivers and passenger side windows you use to look outside while driving.

Back Side and Rear Window Tinting

The law is that your rear and backside windows have 35% reflective tint. Other than that you can make them dark as you want, though 5% is the darkest you can make your windows in most places. Officer can pull you over if your rear tinted windows obstruct your view or distract you from your driving. Remember that generally, this means that your back windows have smudges or lines, and not for how dark your windows are.  Note that you need dual side mirrors to compensate for your dark rear window.

Color  Window Tinting Law

Additional to any law mentioned here, you cannot tint your windows with red or amber color!

Penalties for Violating the Arizona Law

Most officers can use tint meters on their vehicles.  Once the officer determines how dark your windows are, you will get your ticket. Arizona has a ‘fix-it ticket” called the Equipment Repair Order. It means you only pay a small fine while providing proof that you fixed your vehicle to remove the violation. So it means you need to fix the dark tint and get a more compliant tint. You should return to a dealership or shop that installed your windows if you got pulled over by officers. You can then bring your receipts with your vehicle to the court to show you corrected the problem.