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Man with damaged windshield

So you’re driving to work or the grocery store as you listen to the radio or your latest podcast and as you sit at ease, something catches your eye. Just by chance, out of your peripheral vision, you notice a small chip in the corner of your windshield. How did that get there? The answer to that could be a dozen reasons, but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is what you’re going to do about it. Does this mean the entire windshield needs to be replaced?

Repair or Replacement?

These chips and cracks can obstruct your view while driving

Well, it all depends on the size of the crack, severity, and where it’s located on your windshield. These chips and cracks can obstruct your view while driving and will soon sprout cracks that spread like wildfire. There is a possibility that small windshield cracks can be repaired with some resin by a professional windshield specialist, but that would be up to their recommendation. Anything bigger than what’s listed above will have most places recommending you replace.

For instance, no matter the size, some facilities may not repair a chip that appears directly in the driver’s line of vision; because the repair process can leave minor distortions in the glass, most shops prefer to replace the windshield rather than compromise the driver’s vision. Also, if you’ve been through a major impact on your windshield or experienced car accident damage that goes beyond what any repair facility can fix, then in these severe cases, replacement is a must.

Replacement cost

Windshield replacement can cost considerably more than repairing one and the price varies greatly depending on the vehicle. Additionally, be sure to factor in the cost of the windshield itself, a windshield molding kit, and installation labor. Then you have your replacement cost. It’s always wise to research your nearest windshield specialist or car mechanics and compare rates. You still can’t put a price on safety and peace of mind when it comes to driving with your loved ones.