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Auto glass express staff fixing the windshield with some equipment in Las Vegas, NV

Getting a crack in your windshield is a frustrating problem. It is recommended that you replace the windshield immediately, as the crack can spread and cause more problems. You find a local windshield replacement service and now you have a new windshield. How can you tell that the work done on it was well done? There are telltale signs that the people who installed your new windshield was not done properly.

Mistakes Made by the Installers

The source of all mistakes with windshield installation is the technicians doing the work. If you are witness to the work, and only one installer does the work, you know the windshield was not installed properly. It takes at least two technicians to properly align a windshield.Another mistake installers make is that they do not wear gloves. The windshield is coated in urethane, which aids in securing the windshield in place. Oils from bare hands can break that urethane down, decreasing its ability to adhere and will result in leaks.


The Source of the New Glass Is Not Known

Most replacement glass is ordered straight from the car manufacturer, but sometimes installation services will use after-market glass to cut costs. After-market glass may not fit right, resulting in damage and leaks later on. Sometimes, the glass is plucked from junkyards, which could be damaged already and force you to replace it far sooner than you should have.



Your Windshield Rattles or Leaks

After you get the windshield installed, it is good to road test it. If you driver at moderately high speeds and you hear a rattling or whooshing noise coming from the windshield, it was most likely installed improperly. Taking your car to a car wash will allow you to watch for any leaks in the seams of the windshield.



You Drove Your Car Within an Hour of Installation

The adhesive used to secure the windshield requires 3-8 hours to cure despite being dry within an hour. If your installer tells you that you can drive it immediately should be a red flag. Wait to drive it to make sure the adhesive cures properly.

Your Windshield Looks Wavy

In sunlight, a properly installed windshield should look smooth and unblemished. If any sort of wave or bump seems to be in the surface, it is most likely that there was an installation mistake.It is imperative to make sure your windshield gets installed properly. Any sort of mistakes can cause more damage, leaks, and possibly much worse. To get your windshield installed, call the professionals at Auto Glass Express and chat with a professional. We are glad to answer any questions you have pertaining to our process. We will make sure your windshield is installed properly, efficiently, and at a great price.