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 Windshield wipers pushing the water away in Peoria, AZ

Driving safety during inclement weather is very important, and any product that can give the driver an edge is worth spending money on. One of the most common problems is driving in a rainstorm. Water impedes your vision and you have to rely on your windshield wipers to push the water away. However, there are products called windshield water repellents that can aid your wipers and make your drive even safer.

How It Works

Windshield water repellent is a chemical that coats your windshield and fills in the microscopic holes and gaps in the windshield glass that would normally help grip water on the windshield as it rains. When water does not have the gaps to create friction for them, it just beads up and slides off. The most common brand of water repellent is Rain-X.

Windshield removing the water drops of car in Peoria, AZ

How to Apply It

Rain-X usually comes in spray form, but many other products come in different forms. Before you apply the repellent, make sure to wash and dry your windshield thoroughly. Water, dirt, and other particles will decrease the effectiveness of the water repellent. Once the windshield is clean, spray the repellent on either a clean, dry cloth or directly onto half the windshield. Using a circular motion, work the product around and let it dry for around 10 minutes. Once it is dry, use a lint-free cloth or a simple paper towel to buff the area. You will notice that the glass will get cloudy for a moment before becoming clear. Repeat on the other half of the windshield.
It is a good idea to make sure your wipers are clean before using them on the windshield. Putting the windshield water repellent on the side and back windows is also beneficial.

Other Water Repellent Products

Rain-X is the most popular brand of repellent, but there are other products on the market. They come in the form of sprays, creams, and pastes. Each has its own pros and cons and may require different methods to apply the product. You can even make homemade windshield water repellent by mixing a simple solution of half a cup of rubbing alcohol and a cup of water into a spray bottle. This solution will become warm, so wait until it cools to use it. Keeping your windshield protected from the water will allow you to drive through the rain with minimal visibility issues. Water repellent is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply, and lasts for a long period of time. You can even make your own at home that is just as effective as store-bought brands. Either way you go, giving yourself a safety advantage while driving greatly improves your driving experience and keeps you and your family safe. If you have any questions, call Auto Express Glass and talk to a professional windshield specialist.