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Some think that when it comes to replacing auto glass, it’s a lengthy and difficult process; and while this may be the case with some companies, oftentimes it actually doesn’t take as much time as you’d expect (especially with our company!). Auto glass repair takes even less time than a full replacement does. The whole process takes less than an hour to get your chipped or small cracks in the glass repaired. People often put off getting minor problems in their glass fixed because they worry it will cost too much or take too long. But the real reasons not to wait is for your safety and everyone around you.

Risks When Driving Around With a Cracked Windshield

cracked glass

A small chip can eventually grow into a crack due to the steady vibrations of the car engine and the occasional slamming of doors and trunk lids. A crack can even be harder to fix than a chip. Once a crack reaches more than a few inches long, it will require a full window replacement which will cost more and take a little more of your time than a simple repair would have been. Because if you try to ride around with a cracked windshield it is like playing Russian Roulette. Eventually, that crack is going to give in and hurt you or your child sitting shotgun next to you, or it may be when you need to focus on driving down the highway. Do not risk it, glass does not typically shatter gently.

Even if the crack does not implode glass all over the car, it is still a flaw in the structure of the entire vehicle and that’s dangerous enough. Remember that windshields make up to 35% of the structural integrity of a car. In an accident, you want every bit of strength protecting you and your loved ones. Chips, dings, and cracks make minor obstacles in the vision of the driver which may seem like no big deal, but any blind spot is a risk at the wrong moment. So don’t put off a small repair that will cost you more in the long run by far.