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In this day and age, everything is advancing in technology

In this day and age, everything is advancing in technology and that especially goes for today’s vehicles. These new advanced features in cars point towards Advanced Driving Assist Systems (ADAS) on new vehicles and how they are affecting windshield replacement, as automakers are increasingly embedding technology in cars that pave the way toward full automation. Many new car owners know their cars have special features, but they’re not sure what features they have, making it difficult to identify the correct windshield for replacement. You may be unaware that a new car may have 10 or more different windshield part numbers. Here are some of the features we currently see on the market:


Subaru offers this feature on many new vehicles and essentially allows the driver to “drive” most of your commute without touching the gas or brakes. Effect on your windshield? Negligible (but still pretty cool).

Lane Departure Warning

Common on many new vehicles, this feature alerts you when you’re veering out of your driving lane. Effect on the windshield? Negligible, other than helping to keep you from crashing, which will, in turn, protect your windshield.

Collision Avoidance / Forward Collision Alert

Many car makers have some version of these features available on their newer models. Like the Eyesight feature, these systems detect an imminent crash and either alert the driver or automatically apply the braking system to prevent a collision. While some makers have different names for these ADAS features, they all include cameras that may require calibration after a windshield replacement, a service that can add several hundred dollars to the repair. However, if you are using your comprehensive insurance to pay for the windshield replacement, your insurer will cover the cost of the calibration. Effect on your windshield? Pretty impactful.

Heated Wiper Park/ Heated Windshield

This de-icing feature is common on vehicles with a “winter package,” like heated seats. In most cases the heating element is only at the bottom of the windshield where the wipers sit, enabling you to use the wipers in snowy and icy conditions. Effect on your windshield? Pretty insignificant.

Rain Sensor and Condensation Sensor

Most vehicles have been coming equipped with a rain sensor for many years now. This feature turns the wipers on/off automatically, as well as increases or decreases the speed of the wipers, depending on the intensity of the weather. Effect on your windshield? None (although it will make it easier to see through it!).