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Auto Glass Warranty car insurance

Ah, warranties. How often have you bought a warranty, never used it, and watched it expire with a small hint of exasperation, feeling a bit cheated out of your money? While that happens quite often, the alternative is far less appetizing of a prospect; you fail to purchase a warranty and all of the sudden some type of damage occurs, forcing you to pay a much higher cost than you would have had to if you’d purchased the warranty in the first place. When it comes to your auto glass warranty, the same principle applies; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If a random piece of debris on the highway or a tree branch knocked loose during a storm happens to damage your window, what would have been easily covered under your warranty instead becomes a major money hassle?

It’s Always Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Having an auto glass warranty or service plan can save you a lot more money than you think. Which would you rather be stuck paying for: random windshield cracks fixed or gas to drive around on? The answer is pretty simple. But how do you know if you have an auto glass warranty? This is set up when you bought your car from the dealer and each vehicle manufacturer will be different. Some vehicle brands include a limited warranty on glass, while others don’t.

car insurance

What Does Insurance Cover?

Always make sure your insurance covers broken windows, windshield cracks, sunroof damage, mirror repair, and more. This comes in handy if a thief ever smashes your window in or if a tree decides to topple right on top of your car during a storm. Life is full of unexpected circumstances, so it’s always good to double-check and make sure your warranty has your back.